" so eine wunderschöne Stimme!" Kammersängerin Christa Ludwig

  • "Entartete Seelen" in the series Musiques Mosaiques with Nova Sonantia

More information coming soon!

Season 2018-2019

  • Honouring Ross Edwards' 75th Birthday in Melbourne and Sydney

With recitals in Melbourne and Sydney with some of the finest musicians in Australia, Simone Riksman will present a program with English, American and Australian songs, gathered around the theme 'Five Senses', as is the cycle named by Ross Edwards, who has asked her to perform this cycle for his Birthday Series of Concerts honouring his 75th Birthday this year.

The ABC has invited her and Bernadette Harvey then to do a studio recording of this cycle, as to be broadcasted nationally.

Melbourne 16th of September

With: Calvin Bowman - composer - pianist

Sydney 20th of October

With: Bernadette Harvey - pianist

    • Centenary performances of the Diggers Requiem

After the overwhelming success of the première in Amiens earlier this year, the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs has decided to support a tour of the Diggers Requiem on a somewhat smaller scale.

Melbourne 26th of September

Sydney 27th of September.

The full orchestra and choir version with 8 International and National soloists however will be performed and recorded in Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on the 6th of October. The Flowers of War website contains more detailed information about the piece and its performers: Diggers Requiem.

Season 2017-2018

  • Doelen Kwartet Anniversary Celebration Marathon

The established Doelen Stringquartet celebrates their 25th Anniversary with three concerts on one day, played in the Doelen's splendid Recital Hall, the Jurriaanse Zaal. Simone Riksman will be joining them in two out of the three concerts: A world premiere of Metamorphosen by Dutch composer Hans Koolmees, consisting of Golven - Vuur - Rozen and a reprise of their successful semi-staged Janaçek programme, with the two String Quartets, love letters and Moravian Folksongs. Anniversary Concert 24th September 2017

  • The Healers - Flowers of War in Australia and France

A pocket opera about the role of Red Cross Nurses in WWI with performances in The High Court in Canberra, Australia and in historically connected venues in the North of France, accompanied by the Orchestre de Picardie, Amiens. Flowers of War - The Healers October 2017

    • Norway - Grieg - Hardanger Fiddle

Simone Riksman will take part in a concert celebrating Grieg's music, whilst exploring the influence of Norway's folk music and the Hardanger Fiddle on his music! The legendary Leif Rygg will be present, Birthe Blom and Mirsa Adami. Festival Hoorn 29th of October

    • Diggers Requiem - Flowers of War

Re-invited after the successful run of the Healers, Simone Riksman will join the Orchestre de Picardie in Amiens once more this season, performing alongside lustrous Australian performers as Christina Wilson, Paul Goodchild and many others. The Diggers Requiem includes the commissioned works of five leading contemporary Australian composers and recently discovered music composed in the battlefields of France during WW1. Simone Riksman will sing the works by Graeme Koehne and Ross Edwards.

    • Franz Marc - Flowers of War

Continuing her work for the Flowers of War organisation, Simone Riksman is to jump in for the production around Franz Marc, on the 6th of May in Lille, France. More information to follow soon.

    • Chausson - Ensemble Novalis

The International Chamber Music Festival in Cultura Limes has programmed a vast program of music by Chausson. Simone Riksman and Ensemble Novalis will be performing both Poème de l'amour et de la mer and Chanson perpétuelle for Piano Quintett. An exciting endeavour not to be missed! On the 20th of May in Limone sul Garda, Italy.


Season 2016-2017

  • Componistenportret Hans Koolmees

Met het Doelenkwartet treedt Simone Riksman op in het Orgelpark te Amsterdam. Op het programma staan Rozen, Golven, Ten Oorlog en Five Songs by John Dowland.

Going back to their renowned collaboration in the Janaçek programme, the Doelenkwartet and Simone Riksman will join forces again, this time for a concert performing Roses, Waves and 'Five Songs by John Dowland' by Dutch composer Hans Koolmees in the 'Orgelpark' in Amsterdam.

14:15 uur; 28 February

  • Sunrise and sunset in Italy

In Limone sul Garda hernieuwd een concert met Ensemble Novalis met werken van Richard Strauss en Respighi (Il Tramonto).

In Limone sul Garda, Italy Simone will work again with Ensemble Novalis and perform works by Richard Strauss and Respighi (Il Tramonto)

  • Opernball Leipzig

Met het Gewandhausorkest onder leiding van Anthony Bramall wordt het Bal geopend met Simone Riksman - Let's dance DUTCH!

With the Gewandhausorchestra, conducted by Anthony Bramall, the Opera Ball is opened by Simone Riksman - Let's dance DUTCH!

10 September

  • Lettera Amorosa by Manfred Trojahn

Wederom met het Doelenkwartet en Keren Motseri wordt in De Doelen het werk van de gevierde componist Manfred Trojahn uitgevoerd.

Together with the Doelenkwartet and soprano Keren Motseri this piece by the respected German composer will be performed in De Doelen Rotterdam.

23 October

  • Italienisches Liederbuch

Met Mattijs van de Woerd en regisseur Marc Pantus heeft Simone Riksman het idee opgevat het Italienisches Liederbuch licht geënsceneerd te presenteren. De pilot is op 10 maart in Splendor Amsterdam.

    • Stabat Mater van Pergolesi

Samen met Theresa Holzhauser en Ensemble Novalis twee uitvoeringen in Zwitserland: 01 April in Wolfhalden, 02 April in St Gallen, Katharinenforum.

    • Stabat Mater Pärt en Bach/Pergolesi

Met Carina Vinke, Erik Slik en het Nieuw Europees Ensemble voert Simone Riksman deze werken uit. Meer informatie is hier te vinden:

  • Hendrik Andriessen 125 jaar

Samen met Albert-Jan Roelofs presenteren we een concert met al het belangrijkste werk voor sopraan en orgel, waaronder Magna res est amor en de cyclus Miroir de peine. 6 mei in de Nieuwe Bavo, Leidsevaart te Haarlem.

Season 2015 - 2016

Opera at Theater Sankt Gallen - Switzerland

All performances are at 19.30 when not mentioned otherwise

  • Carmen - Micaela

Regie: Nicola Berloffa, Conductor: Attilio Tomasello

Wiederaufnahme 24 September

11, 19, 28 Oktober

13, 15 November

Season 2014 - 2015

  • Carmen - Micaela

Regie: Nicola Berloffa, Conductor: Modestas Pitrenas

October 25, 29

November 02 (14.30)

December 12, 23

February 13, 23

April 19

  • Gräfin Mariza - Lisa

Regie: Stefan Huber, Conductor: Stéphane Fromageot

December 20 (Première), 27

January 10, 14, 23, 25 (14.30)

March 10

April 15, 26

May 10 (17.00)

  • I due Foscari - Pisana

Regie: Carlos Wagner, Conductor: Attilio Tomasello

June 19 (Première), 23, 26

July 01, 03

Season 2013 - 2014

  • Don Giovanni - Zerlina

Regie: Guy Joosten, Conductor: Otto Tausk

September 06 (Première), 29 (17.00)

October 06, 04 (14.30)

November 05, 15, 26

December 14

  • Ariadne auf Naxos - Echo

Regie: Aron Stiehl, Conductor: Otto Tausk

November 10, 14, 25,

December 15

  • Nacht in Venedig - Annina

Regie: Cusch Jung, Conductor: Vinzenz Praxmarer

December 27

January 25

  • Cunning Little Vixen - Vixen/Füchslein Schlaukopf

Regie: Nicola Raab, Cond: Attilio Tomasello

February 19 (Première 20.00), 21 (20.00)

March 01, 04, 08, 12, 14, (all at 20.00), 16 (17.00)

all performances of Cunning Little Vixen take place in LOK.

  • Canberra International Music Festival - Australia

May 7 till 18

Performances with Tamara-Anna Cislowska, Bengt Forsberg, Elizabeth Wallfisch, the Wallfisch Band, Albert-Jan Roelofs and Roland Peelman.

Music by Mozart, Granados, Poulenc, Debussy, Boulanger, Kuula, Sibelius, Brahms and Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe and Elena Kats-Chernin.

Season 2012 - 2013

Opera at Theater Sankt Gallen - Switzerland

All performances are at 19.30 when not mentioned otherwise

  • Die Zauberflöte - Pamina

Regie: Bernd Mottl, Conductor: Jeremy Carnall

September 26 (Première), 30

November 01, 04 (17.00), 12

December 08, 29

  • La Wally - Walther

Regie: Guy Joosten, Conductor: Modestas Pitrenas

October 26, 28 (14.30)

November 14, 25 (14.30)

December 04

  • Nacht in Venedig - Annina

Regie: Cusch Jung, Conductor: Vinzenz Praxmarer

December 22 (Première), 31

January 05, 14, 20 (14.30), 22, 27,

March 01

  • La Finta Giardiniera - Violetta/Sandrina

Regie: Lydia Steier, Conductor: Jeremy Carnall

February 02 (Première), 05, 08, 17 (14.30)

March 17 (14.30), 21

April 10, 16, 20

June 03

  • Un Ballo in Maschera - Oscar

Regie: Jim Lucassen, Conductor: Henrik Nánási

March 10 (17.00), 15

April 08, 14, 26

  • Ariadne auf Naxos - Echo

Regie: Aron Stiehl, Conductor: Otto Tausk

May 04 (Première), 07, 18, 22, 26 (14.30), 31

June 02 (14.30), 04

Season 2011 - 2012


    • 7th Festspiele St Gallen, CH Mendelssohn 2nd Symphony "Lobgesang"

    • 17th Mendelssohn and Respighi - Caldonazzo, Italy

    • 18th Mendelssohn and Respighi - Gargnano, Italy

    • 25th Start of rehearsals at DNO - Netherlands Opera, Amsterdam


    • Rehearsing Iphigenie en Tauride at DNO - Netherlands Opera, Amsterdam


    • 7th Premiere Iphigenie en Tauride at Netherlands Opera Amsterdam

    • 10th Performance Iphigenie en Tauride

    • 14th Performance Iphigenie en Tauride

    • 16th Performance Iphigenie en Tauride

    • 18th Performance Iphigenie en Tauride

    • 20th Performance Iphigenie en Tauride

    • 22th Performance Iphigenie en Tauride

    • 25th Bach Kantate BWV 38 - Residentie Bach Ensembles, Jos Vermunt

Theater Sankt Gallen - Switzerland:

    • Die Zauberflöte - Pamina

Regie: Bernd Mottl, Conductor: Jeremy Carnall

December 17,20, 23, 27

January 6,8,14,18,24,29

February 8

March 26

April 22

May 19,31

June 2

  • Un Ballo in Maschera - Oscar

Regie: Jim Lucassen, Conductor: Henrik Nánási

February 5,7

March 14,21

April 12

  • The Fairy Queen - Ree, Fee, Liebende, Brautmutter

Regie: Johannes Schmid, Conductor: Robert Howarth

March 10,13,18,25

April 13,15,28

May 1,13

June 6


    • Italienisches Liederbuch - Mattijs vd Woerd - baritone, David Bollen - piano

    • Festival Limone Sul Garda, Italy: Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann - Andrea Rucli - piano & Novalis Ensemble


    • St Galler Festspiele: Berlioz Lieder Project - Stéphane Fromageot - piano

Season 2009 - 2010


06 Recital French and American song - Jeroen Sarphati


01 Nationale Reisopera RAP Zauber Ohne Floete in Wageningen

05 Nationale Reisopera RAP Zauber Ohne Floete in Assen

07 Nationale Reisopera RAP Zauber Ohne Floete in Den Haag

29 Cantate Bach in Den Haag with Residentie Bach Ensemble and in Leiden


01 Masterclass Susan Mc Culloch

03 Masterclass Susan McCulloch

18 Recital Clara Schumann in Den Haag - Rixt van der Kooi

22 Recital Clara Schumann in Den Haag - Rixt van der Kooi

26 Recital Clara Schumann in Leeuwarden - Rixt v.d. Kooi


04 Requiem Lotti in Oude kerk, Voorburg

15 Petite Messe Solennelle - Rossini in Cuijk

16 Leaving for Switzerland 25 Start rehearsals Cosi fan tutte, Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland Director: Ansgar Weigner ~ Conductor: Jeremy Carnall


24 "Begruessung" Theater St. Gallen

25 Rehearsals Cosi fan tutte

29 Gergiev Festival - Janacek programme with Doelen Quartet


19 Premiere Cosi fan tutte Theater St. Gallen

21 Start rehearsals Medea in Corinto, Theater St. Gallen Switzerland Director: David Alden ~ Conductor: David Stern

30 Cosi fan tutte


04 Cosi fan tutte

06 Cosi fan tutte

11 Cosi fan tutte

25 Cosi fan tutte

28 Premiere Medea in Corinto Theater St. Gallen


01 Belcanto Konzert & Medea in Corinto

05 Cosi fan tutte

14 Cosi fan tutte

20 Medea in Corinto

22 Medea in Corinto

24 Medea in Corinto


06 Cosi fan tutte

09 Cosi fan tutte

12 Cosi fan tutte

21 Cosi fan tutte

28 Cosi fan tutte


14 Cosi fan tutte

17 Schoenberg, Berg, Webern Konzert - Sieben fruehe Lieder

20 Medea in Corinto


16 Cosi fan tutte at Theater St Gallen, Switzerland

19 Cosi fan tutte at Theater St Gallen, Switzerland

24 Cosi fan tutte LAST PERFORMANCE at Theater St Gallen, Switzerland

26 Solvejgs Song - Grieg with St Gallen Symphony Orchestra

28 Solvejgs Song - Grieg with St Gallen Symphony Orchestra


14 Presentation CD 'Les aventures du Roi Pausole' Opera concert


30 Queensday Concert at Dutch Embassy in Canberra, Australia


04 Concert at Dutch Embassy in Canberra, Australia

15 Start Canberra International Music Festival

16 Chopin Polish Heart ~ selection of songs

17 The Rose ~ Frauenliebe und -leben

18 Chopin Polish Heart ~ selection of songs

22 Four Last Songs ~ 4th Symphony of Mahler (arr. Klaus Simon)

23 Actew The Spirit of Water ~ works by a.o. Diepenbrock and Edwards

23 End Canberra International Music Festival


20 Opera Gala at the 'Festspillene i Nord Norge 2010'


17 Start Dorset Opera - Micaela in Bizet's Carmen

30 Performance Carmen - singing the role of Micaela

31 Performance Carmen - singing the role of Micaela


23 Judas Maccabaeus of Haendel

December 2010

19 Het verliefde Hart in Zeewolde

23 Het verliefde Hart Philipszaal in The Hague

January 2011

5 Het verliefde Hart in Nijmegen

6 Het verliefde Hart in Maassluis

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